Brick paver patios are a great addition to any outdoor living space, offering you a variety of attractive design options at a relatively low cost. Plus, they will last for years if they are installed correctly, and are fairly easy to take care of. But one of the best things about brick paver patios is the huge variety of design options you have. Whether you want pavers that are smooth, weathered, embossed and dimpled, or some combination of the above, the only things limiting you are your imagination and the space you have to execute your design.

Something else to consider with your patio is the color of your pavers. While earth tones are popular, you might want to stay in the same color family as your home. Or you can choose to go bold, and use a bright statement color for edging stones – or even as your main patio color! Working with a skilled designer will help you choose the best color to match your unique style and your home’s overall look.

There are a wide variety of patterns available for your brick pavers. One of the most common and enduring styles is a staggered brick style, which can also be referred to as herringbone style. You may also see a basket weave style, or simple staggered bricks. But intricate geometric patterns can be used as part of your brick paver patio, and look fantastic if you have a circular patio space or want to highlight the center of your patio as a focal point of your design. Some other popular styles you may consider could include a diamond, a rosette, mosaic-style pavers, and more. Just remember – whatever design you choose needs to take into account both the size of your space and the size of your chosen pavers to ensure that it looks the way you want it to.

Once you have figured out your paver color, style, and design, you will want to focus on the overall visual of your patio space. After all, the pavers are not going to be the only thing in your outdoor living area! A popular, modern design trend is to contrast your paver style with your other patio accessories. So, for example, if you have chosen a rounded mosaic design for your pavers, you may want to consider more angular furniture or a squared-off water feature to contrast the more flowing style of your patio.

Greenery is also a great addition to every patio space, and do not worry too much about matching all your planters or pots! Having the option for diversity is one of the best parts of a brick paver patio. You could complement the colors of your planters to your patio furniture, your pavers, or your house itself, and still have a cohesive, beautiful look in the end.

The best way to create a beautiful brick paver patio using the latest designs is to work with a team who understands both your specific needs and the latest trends in patio renovations. At DES Home Renovations, we are here to be that team for you! Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation, and let us transform your outdoor space into an idyllic oasis!

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