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In hiring a home remodeling company to help you complete a project, it’s important that you ask these ten questions to find the right contractor.

What are your qualifications?
You’ll want to ensure the company has the right experience and skills to aid you with your vision towards the project. If you plan to remodel your basement, you probably will not want to hire a contractor who specializes in remodeling only bathrooms. You should look for a contractor who can provide you the best results for your budget.

Does the company have proper insurance?
One of the worst things a homeowner can do is hire a company who does not possess the proper licenses and insurance. This is something that you want to look into to avoid any unnecessary issues. If a company is licensed, they are highly qualified to perform the specific tasks needed for your project. When a company is insured, any property damages or injuries sustained throughout the course of the project will be covered by their insurance company.

What are the details of the contract?
It’s vital that you make sure you read the company’s contracts before you sign anything. Pay special attention to completion dates, special fees, taxes, payment schedules, and reliability factors. Some remodeling companies offer more than one type of contract, so it’s critical to understand what you’re signing.

When will the project be complete?
The project’s date of completion will be stated in the contract, but it’s always best to talk about it with your contractor in order to eliminate problems and disagreements later. It’s also good to hire a company that has the tendency to update their customers periodically about the status of the project.

What is the final price going to be?
You should look into hiring a contractor that can provide you with the project you want while still staying within your budget. Make sure you get the complete cost established before the project starts. This will help you eliminate any unnecessary arguments. Unfortunately, projects don’t always go as planned. When problems do arise, a good contractor will be honest with you while working to provide the best solution.

How is this project going to affect my life?
You and your family have a daily schedule and it is important to talk to the company you hire about their daily work schedule for your project. This will help you and your family plan and schedule your activities around the contractors working in your home.

Who is the person in charge?
When hiring a remodeling company, it is key to know who the person in charge is. That way, if you have concerns or questions, you’ll get a direct answer. In addition to this, if you want changes to be made to your project, you’ll know who exactly to discuss it with.

Who is taking part in the remodeling project?
Before the project gets underway, you should get to know everyone who will be involved in your home project. If the company you hired is going to subcontract out some of the work, it is best to know the character background and experience of these workers. This will give you some peace of mind and helps you hire the right company.

Is the work guaranteed?
Make sure the company you chose to complete your home remodeling project provides a warranty on all work. Some companies have at least a one year warranty while others offer longer warranties and warranty extension plans. It is important that you check the warranty and ask questions that you may have in mind.

How are their reviews?
Before you hire a company, you should ask for a list of references from past customers and check company reviews. It is also a good idea to inquire if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Keeping this information in mind as you research home remodeling companies will help you ask the right questions during the review process and ensure you hire the right company for your project.

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