Stainless steel appliances are still the number one selection for kitchen remodels. It’s easy to see why. They look great, blend well with all varieties of cabinets and most countertops, and can be used in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

But, anyone who owns stainless steel appliances know that they have a tendency to show fingerprints, which means they need frequent cleaning.

Stainless steel is more sensitive than other finishes so you must use the right materials and cleansers to avoid damage to the surface. Cleaning can take just a few minutes and you can make those appliances shine with these easy tips.

  1. First, select one of the following lint-free materials to clean your stainless steel appliances: Non-abrasive cloth Microfiber Paper towels
  2. Second, select one of the following to use as a cleaning solution: Water Vegetable or olive oil Vinegar and water Dish washing liquid Cleaner specifically for stainless steel
  3. Third, spray the appliance with your cleaning solution or apply it to your cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. This is important, as it will prevent streaking.

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