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Are you considering adding to your home? Do you have a basement space you need to remodel? An in-law suite is a great option! If you have elderly relatives, this is a great way to care for them while still giving them their own space and letting them retain their independence. It is also a great way to add value to your home, which is something many homeowners are looking to do.

These home additions are becoming more and more popular around New Jersey and the United States, increasing in occurrence by 30% in the past few years. Some people call them mother-in-law suites. Whatever you refer to them, they can complement your larger home, and can be built in a variety of styles and with a variety of amenities. Whether you are looking for a clean, modern update to your home or want something that’s more classically styled, we can help you create the in-law suite you have been dreaming of.

Your Local Remodeling Expert

DES Home Renovations is your local remodeling expert when you want to custom design a quiet, complementary in-law suite that blends well with your current space. Whether you need to give your relatives day-to-day care or just want them close to ensure their safety, our Mercer County remodeling contractors will give you the same care that you would expect from a close family friend. We will respect your home, your family, and your property, and will always treat you with respect and friendly professionalism.

Our experts will guide you through the remodeling process and will treat your addition like we are adding it to our own home. We have years of experience, and we work with a singular goal – to provide you with quality work at affordable prices.

DES Home Renovations provides in-law suite remodeling services to the following local areas:

Ideas for an In-Law Suite

There are a variety of amenities an in-law suite can contain. Some of the basic sections we can build include:

  • Kitchens: From a small kitchenette to a fully functional kitchen, in-law suites often have kitchen spaces. We can custom design a kitchen that will blend seamlessly into the rest of the suite and meet your budget and the needs of your family, especially the members who will be living in the suite.
  • Bathrooms: Let us create a beautiful, accessible bathroom for your family members! We can build a shower, a tub, or even ensure handicapped access. No matter what your needs, we can accommodate them. We’ll ensure that we work within your budget range and your current home’s style.
  • Living Space: This could be a large bedroom, a living room, or both. If you have a smaller space, we could create a cozy and comfortable bedroom with some extra seating. If you have a larger space, or are willing to build onto your home, we can create a bedroom and a sitting room or living room to provide your relatives with the most comfort and ease possible.


And more! There are practically endless ways to customize your in-law suite! Whatever your needs are, our professional designers will create a custom floorplan that works with your home, your needs, your budget, and your schedule.

Benefits to an In-Law Suite

In addition to the peace of mind an in-law suite can bring by allowing you to keep your aging relatives close in case they need anything, these suites can also dramatically increase the value of your home. In some areas, an in-law suite could increase your listing price by up to 60%! So even if you do not have elderly relatives that you want to keep close, adding an in-law suite to your home could vastly increase your resale value and be a great addition to your home for overnight guests.

Professional Home Remodelers

For a remodeling project of this magnitude, you will want to work with true professionals. DES Home Renovations is a family-owned contracting and remodeling service company that prides ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction.

We work with you to create unique designs that focus on your personality and lifestyle, while being made to last and to meet your exact specifications. You never get a cookie-cutter plan or build that seems half-baked. Every design we create takes your home into account, and will flow seamlessly with your existing construction.

Plus, when you choose us, you receive a GUARANTEED proposal, GUARANTEED completion date, and GUARANTEED work. We always arrive on time, and we clean your job site daily so that you do not suffer any more inconvenience than is absolutely necessary for your remodeling project. You get frequent communications from our team, so that you always know what we are doing before we do it, and if you have any questions, we return any calls or messages within 12 hours.

You will love our fair, competitive rates and our friendly, experienced design team. When you choose us to do your renovation, you also receive a 5-year warranty on our workmanship – if any defects appear in your in-law suite, other than those due to normal wear and tear and usage, we will make any repairs you need to restore your suite to its original condition.

What’s more, if you find problems with the workmanship of our remodel after the warranty has lapsed, we will still do our best to make it right. We believe it is our duty to stand behind our work, because we are confident that it will not fail.

No-Obligation Consultation

We want to build a relationship with you, not just offer you a best-guess estimate over the phone and wait for your approval. That’s why our consultations are a bit more in-depth; we want to meet with you in person and conduct an interview, to see if we are a good match for your needs. When we meet with you, we’ll take some measurements, talk about your budget, and help you get started with your dream renovation.

Whether you just have some questions or are interested in setting up a consultation with us, we’d love to hear from you. And a consultation with you doesn’t mean you have to choose us! You are under no obligation to work with us – but we’d love it if you did. So please, contact us today!

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