Location: West Windsor, NJ


This 1970s kitchen is being renovated to upgrade cabinetry, appliances, and build an eat-in peninsula for bringing the family closer together.


The Problem:

  • Outdated
  • Lack of seating and storage space


[As Built Plan]


The Goal:

The primary goal is to upgrade and modernize all features by ripping out and replacing with brand new appliances, cabinetry, and drywall. The original Tile floor is to remain.


[Proposed Plans]


The Dream:

Create an all-day, every-day living space for every member of the family to gather and be closer together in all that they do. No more cooking in one room and eating in another.


The Timeline:

January 3 – February 8

Week 1:  Demo; Framing

Week 2:  Rough Trades/Inspections; Insulation

Week 3:  Drywall; Paint

Week 4 : Cabinetry; Counter-top; Backsplash;Trim; Appliances

Week 5: Finish Trades/Inspections; Paint


The Progress (updated weekly)


Week 1 Complete:

Demo and framing completed – these recipe cards were found inside a wall!

Week 2:

Rough trades completed and Rough Inspections passed by Thursday, which put us one day ahead of schedule. Drywall installation got a head start on Friday and once it is Primed and Painted with a 1st coat by early next week, Cabinetry installation may begin ahead of schedule as well.


Week 3:

Drywall sanded, primed, and the first coat of Benjamin Moore’s “Baby Blu” painted. Cabinetry delivered on schedule and Dwight was able to begin the installation process.


Week 4:

Cabinetry and counter-top installation completed. Tile backsplash installed and we are now ready for Finish Trades to begin.


Week 5:

Final Mechanical, Electric, and Plumbing completed. Final Inspections Passed and Punch List 100% Finished!



Progress Photos

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