Looking for a Qualified Remodeling Contractor?

Finding a reputable contractor is important when planning any Residential or Commercial project, but when dealing with major remodels like room additions, complete renovations of older properties, or even basement remodels, those who find a good contractor are likely to get better results and avoid many of the hassles that come with these jobs!

Before hiring any contractor, ask to see their contractor’s current license and write down either the contractor’s name or license number. Then verify that the license is valid and current. New Jersey residents can visit Division of Consumer Affairs. Pennsylvania residents can visit Home Improvement Consumer Information and simply search “Business Name” or “License Number”. Provided below are our qualifying credentials, which are all up to date & readily available to you.

You may also click on images below to view our certificates.


Hiring an unlicensed contractor puts you at risk for financial harm, penalty by law, and can cost you in a number of ways. Also you as a property owner have significant protections not available to persons utilizing an unlicensed contractor, providing an avenue of grievance if a dispute arises

NJ | 13VH06904300
PA | 105353



Be an informed consumer and make sure your contractor is registered. This will show how long they have been in Business, and if they have been cited for violations of the various construction laws. Failure to register with the State is a violation of the law.

View Certificate of Business Registration



Hiring an Insured Contractor covers property damage and doesn’t leave you liable for any accidental injuries while working on your property. Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices, as there are often risks involved. Hire a good fully insured contractor!

View Certificate of Insurance (General Liability)
View Certificate of Insurance (Auto)

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