Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. our New Jersey HIC License number is NJ | 13VH06904300 & Pennsylvania HIC License number is PA | 105353. We carry full general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policy, if rewarded a contract we’re able to provide you a certificate naming you as a certificate holder. We also make sure that all our subcontractors are properly licensed and insured so you and I are both covered.


How long are your written estimates valid for?

They are good for 90 days because most of the materials/commodities change in price on a regular basis.


Do you use subcontractors and in what areas do they service?

Yes, we sometimes use subcontractors with electrical, plumbing, excavation, concrete, masonry, insulation, air conditioning, and installing stone counters. But our tradesmen are well-skilled in all areas of the remodeling/renovations process.


What are the start dates and estimations of a typical job?

We’ll make an estimation regarding the length of time a project will take. But due to weather, additional work orders, material back orders, and the projection of when other current clients will be finished, we’re unable to give an exact finish date. Once we establish that starting date, we commit to being there each work day until your job is finished.


What is covered at the Kick-Off meeting?

At this final meeting we discuss the logistics of your project; How do we get in and lock up and which door should we use? Are there any alarms, pets, or children to consider? Where can we park, store material, store tools, place a dumpster, place our company sign?


What is your policy on canceling a project?

Federal law gives three working days to cancel a contract without questions being asked, with the exception of New Jersey residence. But legally, a signed written contract with a deposit in place is binding. Our policy is that if something changes, we’ll work with you to close out the project with as minimal impact to you as possible. However, if any long-lead items were ordered within the first week of a contract, being that some are non-returnable, there could be some cost to the clients for these materials and the time we’ve invested in the project to date.


Will I need an architect?

We have the design capabilities for the majority of our projects. We utilize a computer aided design program to create detailed plans. If your project is expansive and/or requires significant engineering components, we can recommend an architect with whom to work.


What steps would do you take to ensure minimal disruption to my property during the project?

We do such things as stage the project in phases when it makes sense, using plastic walls and floor runners or drop clothes to collect dust and dirt. We put fans in the windows, cloth filters over return air grilles, and we clean up daily and remove debris on a daily basis.


What will it cost and will the price change?

The majority of our estimates are done on an itemized/fixed price basis which if signed then becomes a contract, you will be giving an additional contract containing a detailed description of the work, payment terms, and other terms and conditions. The price will only increase if we encounter existing hidden conditions or damage, or if the customer wants to make changes or have additional work done. You will then be provided with a change order which is also on a fixed cost basis, which must be approved & signed by both customer & DES representative before the work can be performed.


Will my project require a permit?

Typically any alterations or additions involving electrical, mechanical, structural, or plumbing changes will require a permit. We are well-versed on the local and national regulations and will determine when a permit is necessary for the completion of the project. Because permit costs based on the size of the project and local regulations, they are not included in our estimates.


How do I get the ball rolling?

Contact Us to schedule your No-Obligation Consultation where we will meet with you to better understand your existing conditions and discuss your goals and ideas for the project.

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